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Low poly animal

Sacha Hamilton

Research Assistant

Sacha Hamilton

Why you chose your animal

I've always been fascinated by marine animals, especially sharks. I love that as a class of animal they have managed to survive for millions of years throughout several catastrophic changes in our environment and to this day can be found across the globe. Not to mention that one of their ancestors, the Megalodon, ruled the sea while dinosaurs ruled the land, how amazing is that!


Sacha obtained her BSc honours degree applied psychology at Heriot Watt university Edinburgh and move to the university of Strathclyde for her MSc in research methods in psychology. Her research interests are in the application of research and data for the improvement of people’s lives through impacting policy and services provided in the health sector.

As a research assistant, Sacha assists the health programme specialists and head of research throughout the research process. This includes assuring that data collection across the study base is appropriately recorded, that it is correctly entered into the database and that study resources are up to date and maintained. As well inducting and supporting new and pre-existing data collectors within the global project. She also assists in the writing and development of reports, articles and in the further development of data projects.

“I am proud to be a part of an organisation that Is working towards improving paediatric surgery in low and middle income countries. I love that I am able to assist in the expansion research and literature surrounding paediatric surgery, which will likely impact the future of global paediatric surgery.” 

Sacha is a great lover of film who enjoys watching movies from a variety of different genres, and loves going to the cinema and having movie nights with friends and family. She is a big fan of cooking and enjoys tasting new cuisines and dishes from all over the world, and even trying her hand at cooking a few of them herself. 

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