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Low poly animal

Nancy Umulingawase

Data Collector

Nancy Umulingawase

Why did you choose your animal?

I chose an eagle because it is an independent animal with strength, wisdom, courage, competitive and domineering briefly it doesn’t settle for less.

Why did you want to be a data collector?

I’ve worked with many institutions as a data collector such as A&G consultancy firm, Gorilla Games Africa and Root Capital International. It is a position that brings people of different cultures and habits, attitudes etc. so working with KidsOR gives me an opportunity to build up my experiences as well as skills as part of what I know would be really inspiring and rewarding work based upon the global report I’ve seen.

What do you love about working with KidsOR?

I loved how everyone welcomed me before meeting me and shared the same vision and dedicated to help me get familiar with KidsOR, creating a family environment where everyone is there for each other!

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work...

I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with kids, so being able to work with KidsOR allows me to continue to use my population, and this kind of environment would be helpful forward to coming every day.

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