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Low poly animal

Nancy Ukwu Nneka

Data Collector - Nigeria

Nancy Ukwu Nneka


National Hospital – Abuja, Nigeria

Why you chose your animal

Eagle - The eagle has excellent vision, concentration and are masters of the skies. I like that they are also a symbol for victory.


I became a KidsOR data collector to better understand the challenges of paediatric surgical care in my society, as well as learn more about health conditions and surgical outcomes.

I am so happy about KidsOR’s work in Africa and am honoured to be a part of it. As a data collector, I occupy a central position as the success of the project depends on the quality of data collected.

I’ve really enjoyed learning more about the patient experience, especially in terms of pre-operative care.

When I’m not working at the hospital, I volunteer for the Society of St Vincent de Paul. I like to give back to my community and get a lot out of helping others. At the weekend, I enjoy walking and jogging to keep fit.

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