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Low poly animal

Mohammed Kamil Tamimu

Data Collector - Ghana

Mohammed Kamil Tamimu


Tamale Teaching Hospital - Ghana

Why you chose your animal

It its fearless and does not surrender to its prey no matter its size, same as in life no matter the challenges we face, we'll always find new innovative ways to overcome them.


KidsOR has offered me the chance to work on a team that helps the less privilege members of society to have access to Safe surgery (health care), a platform to learn about new industries, and a vital role in influencing the next generation and making a difference.

I am an ambitious and determined person who love to explore new ideas, ready to learn and unlearn. Calm, mostly indoors. Love to travel, sports (soccer, gym), music and cooking.

I studied B.Ed Health Science Education, had my National Service at National Disaster Management Organization and worked as a Data enumerator for Ghana statistical Service.

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