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Low poly animal

Meshack John

Data Collector - Tanzania

Meshack John


Muhimbili National Hospital, Tanzania.

Why you chose your animal

Giraffe - The animal has a very long neck to see very far object than other animals.


I love working with KidsOR because it gives me a chance to meeting with different health professionals on the globe who work tirelessly for serving children worldwide.

When outside work I like spending time mostly with my family and friends, provide divine services at the church and doing physical exercises.

I am a Nurse working in Children's operating room as a Theatre Nurse at Muhimbili national hospital - Darces Salaam Tanzania. I have a Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery, with ten years working experience in Operating Room and other units like surgical ward, emergency unit and medical ward. Also, I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a one-year course of Perioperative Nursing.

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