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Low poly animal

Martin Mwanza

Data Collector - Zambia

Martin Mwanza


Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital - Zambia

Why you chose your animal

Cheetah - I chose a Cheetah because of its exceptional speed, focus and flexibility. When we are focused, we can achieve our goal


I wanted to be a data collector because the data I will collect will show the impact the surgical intervention by Kids Operating Room has made on the quality of life for children. Data collection will give evidence needed to back up decision-making and I believe quality data collected will lead to further investments to health facilities lacking adequate paediatric surgical services.

I love working for Kids Operating Room because I am part of a global team providing safe and accessible paediatric surgery. Every child that has been transformed through surgery in the operating room provided by KidsOR will live a life full of potential to achieve their goals when they grow to be adults.

A Zambian Bemba proverb says, “Imiti ikula empanga” translated to, “The trees that grow today make tomorrow’s forest.” This is a reference that children of today are the future of the nation. 

Hence, they must be provided with safe surgery when they need it.When I am not working, I like to keep in touch with family and friends, jogging, listening, and singing to worship music.

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