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Marion Mum Kabia

Data Collector - Sierra Leone

Marion Mum Kabia


Connaught Hospital – Freetown, Sierra Leone

Why you chose your animal

Cheetah - Despite the fact that it’s fast, the cheetah is focused and highly flexible. I strive to be focused in everything I do as well as to be flexible to accommodate the different personalities I come across in my life journey.


I work as a Community Health Officer alongside my work as a KidsOR data collector. I’m also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public health. I have a dual interest in kids and research which encouraged me to take up this position.

I consider collecting data on children’s surgery important. Data is much needed both globally and locally on surgical conditions affecting children.

This work will also contribute to my academic career. So far, the data collection has made me familiar with a lot of paediatric surgical conditions and their treatments. It’s also helped me to improve my interviewing skills with a wide variety of patient’s relatives in different circumstances. These interviews bring to light the extreme financial, social, and psychological issues families deal with when they attend to the illnesses of their children.

This experience is rapidly stimulating me to adopt the role of an advocate for children’s health issues in the future. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching movies, and playing outdoor games.

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