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Low poly animal

Maria Joy Nakibirango

Data Collector - Uganda

Maria Joy Nakibirango


CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital, Uganda.

Why you chose your animal

Dolphin – Socially skilled, intelligent, agile, joyful, peaceful and kind. I love it when people are in high spirits and merry whatever the situation. Kindness is also the epitome of humanity, it is the highest form of wisdom, an underestimated type of strength with which you can be able to conquer any challenge.

What do you love about working with KidsOR

I work as a Research and Data Assistant alongside my work as a KidsOR data collector. I have had great passion in relation to working in the medical field, this inspired me to take on the role as a Data Collector for the KidsOR Research project.

So far, the data collection process has made me very familiar with a lot of pediatric surgical conditions and their treatment as well. I have had such a delightful experience working with children; they are so real, expressing their emotions openly and I get a chance to celebrate their little successes every day for the time they spend here at the hospital.

Besides, I have also mastered the art of being thankful and patient especially with these children.

This role has also helped me brush up on my interviewing and listening skills as it requires one with great communication skills to be able to capture relevant data and hence relevant conclusions.

To sum it up, am very grateful to KidsOR team for making me part of such a wonderful team which aims at changing lives, one step at a time.

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