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Maíra Fedatto

Director of Research & Advocacy

Maíra Fedatto

Why you chose your animal

Lion – “I chose the lion as I see it as a symbol of courage and wisdom. Wisdom for me is like Galeano’s utopia: it is to cause us to advance”


Dr Maíra Fedatto is the Director of Research at KidsOR. She is responsible for managing and communicating data collection, research and analysis so we can collaborate to sustainable structural changes. She is also the lead for the advocacy campaign on health systems strengthening.

“I love working at KidsOR as I am an enduring idealist who wants the world to be a fairer place and who strongly believes and fights for health care for all. I am thrilled to work in a place that embraces both my professional and personal beliefs.”

Originally from Brazil, Maíra has ten years’ experience working as a global health researcher with a PhD thesis written on the World Health Organisation and awarded by King’s College London and University of São Paulo (USP) . She has also written her MSc dissertation on international cooperation in health while at the University of Brasília (UnB), and has a BA in Journalism.

Maíra often describes herself with the Lewis Carroll quote: ‘curiouser and curiouser’. She spends most of her free time seeking for new experiences, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and learning new things. She also loves hiking, travelling and cooking when at home.

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