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Low poly animal

Karl Sanderson

Warehouse Technician

Karl Sanderson

Why you chose your animal

Giraffe - "My niece Chloe-Rose chose the giraffe for me. On holiday we visited a wildlife park that had rescued giraffes, it was amazing to see."


Much of Karl’s role as Warehouse Technician involves unloading deliveries into the Warehouse, unpacking and checking items prior to the equipment being prepared onto pallets and shipped to hospitals around the globe.

“I really enjoy working in a small, close-knit team as it allows for variety in the role.”

Joining the Army at 16, Karl enjoyed a hugely varied army career before taking up his position as Warehouse Technician. He spent time in locations around the UK, teaching and training recruits and cadets as well as exercises and deployments to countries such as Cyprus, Belize, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Karl spends his time off with family and friends; he enjoys caravanning, keeping fit and learning to play the banjo.

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