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Joseph Mulenga

Data Collector - Zambia

Joseph Mulenga

Eagle - It has an extraordinary ability to soar to great heights and possesses sharp eyesight. Much like this, my role as a data collector demands that I possess exceptional capabilities to rise above the intricacies of data, complemented by an exceptionally keen eye for detail and identify opportunities and risks from afar.

Working with KidsOR has provided me with the unique opportunity to witness first-hand the critical importance of ensuring that children have timely and effective access to surgical care. This encompasses a wide spectrum of medical interventions, ranging from life-saving procedures that are vital in emergencies to interventions that significantly enhance the quality of life for these young patients. Being part of this dedicated team has been a truly humbling and rewarding experience. It has allowed me to contribute directly to the well-being and prospects of children who rely on our collective efforts to overcome health challenges. Each day, I am reminded of the profound impact that healthcare professionals and organizations like KidsOR can have on the lives of these young individuals and their families.

My professional journey in health information systems began in 2019, immediately after achieving my first bachelor’s degree. This early start provided me with a robust foundation and invaluable experience in the field, enabling me to develop essential skills in healthcare data management with much emphasis on ensuring that the data being collected meets the five dimensions of data quality to produce meaningful information to the stakeholders.

Outside my work schedules, I spend part of my time doing coding and experimenting with new technologies.

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