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Jennifer Parkinson

Project Coordinator & Report Writer

Jennifer Parkinson

Why you chose your animal

Lion – “I’ve always loved animals and grew up watching Sir David Attenborough every week. My first obsession as a kid was lions & big cats. Plus, I’m a huge fan of The Lion King!”


My role involves working closely with my colleagues in our Nairobi office, to scope out hospitals for renovations. I am also responsible for compiling reports for our funders, to evidence the need for new installs.

Working for KidsOR is such a unique and exciting opportunity. I’m very proud to be associated with an organisation that is creating positive change and seeking out impactful ways to improve the lives of children.

Outside of KidsOR, I live with my husband, daughter, and dog. I’m interested in the natural world, art and Lego building! I love to cook and going to the cinema.

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