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Gloria Dorothy Mutemi

Data Collector - Zambia

Gloria Dorothy Mutemi


University Teaching Hospital – Lusaka, Zambia

Why you chose your animal

Lion - I’m as brave and bold – never intimidated! The lion is the king of the jungle, so I am the queen of mine


I love children, so I was excited for the opportunity to be a data collector for KidsOR. So far, it’s been interesting and fun playing and interacting with the children. It’s the best feeling ever for me!

My work involves collecting data about children who come to the hospitals for operations. I record where the family have travelled from, what the operation is, who the surgeon is and when the child is able to leave hospital.

I upload all the information onto a database so that the number of operations and types of surgeries can be recorded. Sometimes, I am able to help the nurses in the recovery area. I enjoy meeting the families of the children who come to hospital.

I am happy that the information I am able to gather can be used to tell the story of how we are helping the children who have an operation. I know that what I am doing is important.

During my free time, I enjoy singing, dancing, going to church, praying, and reading motivational faith-based and romance books.

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