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Five minutes with Fran

Team Spotlight Story

Five minutes with Fran

This month we have Francesca Aras, our Biomedical Engineer, to tell you more about her path to joining Kids Operating Room and also an unexpected (not least by her) hidden talent!

What is your role at KidsOR?
I am the Biomedical Engineer. I ensure that the equipment we purchase and provide is as high quality as possible, and suitable for purpose in the context of each partner hospital. It is also my responsibility to safety test each single bit of equipment that comes through our warehouse, and make sure it is working as it should! 

How did you find yourself working for KidsOR?
After graduating I was very keen to work in medical and clinical applications of engineering with a strong preference for the not-for-profit sector. When I saw the job listing for KidsOR I jumped at the opportunity – it was the ideal job! 

What’s your favourite part of the job?
My favourite part of the job is being able to collaborate, learn from and support teams from all over the world! Having different and new challenges every week keeps you on your toes, and means that you are always learning or seeing something new. 

Where & what did you study at University?
I studied my undergraduate and integrated master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Before starting my degree, I had worked with medical devices and furniture, and I continued this healthcare focus in my academic research and specialisation. 

Do you have any hidden talents?
Hailing from warmer climates, I am usually the one clutching the radiator in the office. I have recently taken up cold water swimming (and at 5-8°C degrees, they really are cold in Scotland!), which I think is a talent no one, least of all myself, expected me to have!

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