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Low poly animal

Esther Gathoni Kamundia

Data Collector - Kenya

Esther Gathoni Kamundia


Kijabe Hospital.

Why you chose your animal

I chose a butterfly because it represents a symbol of transformation and growth. I love moving through different cycles of life.


I have always loved working with children and am happy that I finally got that opportunity with the KIDSOR program.

I will be delighted to see the lives of children get transformed with safe surgeries. I have been working as a medical records officer for the past 5 years, so I understand the importance of collecting and compiling accurate information. Working with the KIDSOR has given me an opportunity to get in the operating rooms and get to see how different surgeries are done, and also I get to interact with different pediatric surgeons.
I am a Christian, and when I am not working, I enjoy singing and travelling. Whenever I find time alone, I like learning how to dance.

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