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Eseoghene Achakpo

Data Collector - Nigeria

Eseoghene Achakpo


National Orthopaedic Hospital - Enugu, Nigeria.

Why you chose your animal

Lion - I chose the lion because it signifies strength, courage, protection and I feel these qualities reflect my personality. 


I wanted to become a data collector because I understand the importance of collecting accurate and timely information that will help in decision making and evaluation of needs.

The teamwork, passion and desire to provide children with access to health care are some of the many things I admire about KidsOR and working closely with them.

I have a BNSc degree in Nursing science as well as a Diploma in Public health Nursing, so I find this to be a nice match of my skills and passion to help others.

When I am not working and collecting data, I love to spend quality time with friends and family. I also love singing and dancing during my leisure time.

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