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Low poly animal

Samuel Negash

Data Collector - Ethiopia

Samuel Negash


Menelik II Referral Hospital – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Why you chose your animal

Lion - The lion is a noble, calm leader. It was a symbol of past Ethiopian emperors and is also the emblem of my hospital.


As a paediatric surgery trainee in a low-income country, I share the frustrations of practicing in an inadequate facility. I was very eager to help KidsOr in any way that I could. When I was given the opportunity to become a data collector I responded quickly.

I have had a wonderful experience so far. The hospital staff are supportive and patient families are very willing to participate. The team at KidsOR have been very helpful by quickly responding to any difficulties faced along the way. In my work, I interview the surgeon, anaesthesia providers and patient families.

This data shows the impact that surgery can have. I hope that KidsOR will be able to extend this work to other low-income countries.

My favourite part of the data collection role is the interaction I have with patient families. It has given me a better understanding of my patients that will prove invaluable when I complete my own training as a surgeon. I have seen first-hand how listening and asking the right questions goes a long way.

I have had the pleasure the witness the impact of a KidsOR installation at our hospital. I started data collection seven months before the installation, the number of procedures carried out has now tripled.

Outside of work, I enjoy swimming, hiking, and basketball.

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