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Low poly animal

Chira Blessing

Data Collector - Nigeria

Chira Blessing


National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu, Nigeria

Why you chose your animal

Dolphin – Dolphins are friendly, joyful, intelligent creatures. They're thoughtful, and I like that, Dolphins are symbols of Grace and teamwork.

What do you love about working with KidsOR

I love my job because I find fulfilment knowing KidsOR is deeply concerned and invested in providing safe surgery for all children especially here in Africa where quite a number of good health facilities are lacking. I love the collection of quality data because through it the quality of paediatric surgeries is Improved.

I love the opportunity that comes with my job to interact with the children, patient's family and see the positive impact KidsOR makes in their lives.

I'm a catering/food enthusiast and Volunteer. Outside work I'm either baking and cooking or Volunteering. Some other times, I write, using stories to talk about God, life, personal experiences, general stories, with the goal to teach, inspire, and impact lives positively.

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