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Low poly animal

Caleb Macharia

Project Coordinator

Caleb Macharia

Why you chose your animal

An Eagle is one of the most of the largest and most strategic birds and has been known for its strong vision, courage, it rises beyond its problems and challenges me to get out of my comfort zone. Much like an eagle, I find myself assessing every challenge critically and ultimately positioning myself in less distractive situations/positions.


As a projector coordinator, my work is to ensure that all activities and details of a project are moving seamlessly and efficiently through proper coordination of all involved stakeholders. In adittion to coordinating projects from inception to installation, I’m involved in our partners relationship management, researching new installation sites, and conducting project reviews among others.

Saving lives and making an impact in people’s live is my ultimate motivation in life. At KidsOR, together with my super team, I have an excellent opportunity to utilize my skill set to reach many children across Africa and ensure they have the life-saving surgeries and medical care they need. Many of whom I will never meet, but I’ll always be satisfied knowing I made a difference in the universe.

I serve in my community by giving back to the Church through supporting development initiatives, and also serving as a board member in several learning institutions. I engage in small-scale animal farming and most important, I love spending time with my wife and family.

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