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Low poly animal

Bright Obeng

Data Collector

Bright Obeng

Why did you choose your animal?

Dolphins are believed to save people from drowning in the sea. This is the same work KidsOR is doing; saving the lives of people in deprived communities across the world by providing kids-friendly theatres for kids who need surgery to survive.

Why did you want to be a data collector?

I joined KidsOR to help research issues pertaining to kids with the hope of finding solutions to pressing problems in Africa and the world at large.

What do you love about working with KidsOR?

I have always wanted to be a part of, or a member of a lifesaving group, program, institute, or company since childhood and KidsOR has made my childhood dream become a reality.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work...

I love watching and playing football outside working hours and most importantly making time to rest to replenish lost energy. I like reading novels too.

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