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Low poly animal

Bonkoungou Joseph

Data Collector - Burkina Faso

Bonkoungou Joseph


CHU Pediatrique CDG – Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Why you chose your animal

Lion - I admire the lion for its strength, courage, resilience, stability, excellence, and greatness.


I am a state certified nurse anaesthesiologist, before this I was a mayor. I have been working in the operating rooms of CHUPCDG for three and a half years.

I like anaesthesia because it helps so many kids to smile and feel better. Working for children’s wellbeing is a passion for me! Alongside my clinical work, I am currently designing software for recording surgical and anaesthetic reports to bolster decision-making and planning.

In the past, I’ve collected data for national health surveys. Collecting the KidsOR data has helped me to better understand the availability of resources and the lives of patients beyond their care here.

It is also my way of saying that I attach a lot of importance to what KidsOR has done for us and to show them my gratitude. Outside of my service, I like animal husbandry and agriculture.

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