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Ashley Horsham

Head of Business Services

Ashley Horsham

Why you chose your animal

Tortoise - "Tortoises are methodical creatures, with strong long term memory capabilities, and have even been sent into space! Some may say they are slow… but as they say, slow and steady wins the race."


As Head of Business Services, Ashley works closely with her team on all aspects of the UK operations for KidsOR; this covers travel and security, procurement, volunteering recruitment and induction as well as all administrative duties related to the charity.

Ashley joined the KidsOR team in January 2018 and says: "I feel so lucky to have been a part of the charity from the start. Being part of such a great team makes KidsOR a great place to work and seeing the impact of our work makes the job extremely rewarding."

Ashley obtained an honours degree from Edinburgh Napier University graduating in 2009.

When not at work Ashley enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities, including snowboarding and fly-fishing, and loves to embrace new active challenges whenever she can!

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