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Vision and values

We believe in a world where every child has equal access to safe surgery

That doesn’t seem like such a big ask. Children who battle cancer and undergo chemotherapy shouldn’t get to the end of that process only to be denied the surgery that will offer them the chance of survival. Children who break an arm or a leg shouldn’t live the rest of their lives in disability. Babies who need simple procedures in the first hours of life shouldn’t be left to die. 

Our vision is for a world where every child is treated equally. Our mission is to support local doctors through the provision of training and infrastructure to ensure they can use their incredible talents to care for their nation’s children. 

Our Mission

● Provide dedicated, specialist facilities and equipment for children's surgery in low resource settings

● Support existing surgical teams to deliver safe surgery for children

● Monitor, collate and understand our impact on surgical outcomes

● Advocate on the global plight of children denied access to safe surgery

Our Africa 2030 goals

Kids Operating Room is going to radically overhaul surgical infrastructure for children’s surgery across Africa by the end of 2030. We are going to:

● Create 120 centres of excellence across East and West Africa, each with world-class, state-of-the-art operating rooms, pre and post-operative care.

● Support training for surgeons to work in operating rooms where needed.

● Train anaesthetists to work alongside surgeons.

● Invest in skilled nurses and biomedical engineers to support this expansion.

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